Seeking Shelter (Fiction, Part 3)


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The soft light in the window flickers as my family and I shiver quietly in the woods on the edge of the rural farmhouse we stumbled upon. As we lay here in the small bed of pine needles we gathered to keep us warm and partially hidden from view, I wonder about the person or people inside the modest Cape Cod home. They must be warm as there are tiny wisps of smoke coming from the chimney. We are cold and damp from our long hike into the mountains and away from the FEMA camp and our stomachs are rumbling loudly. My arms and back are sore from carrying my daughter and supplies but my mind is alert for any signs of danger. More . . .

Top 5 Safest Food Storage Containers

by: admin

Due to the substantial threats in health and in the environment it is very important to be wise in choosing the safest food storage and containers. Plastic manufacturer factories emit toxins in the environment. Plastics add to the never-ending problem of waste disposal as most types are considered non-biodegradable. If you buy stored foods wrapped in PVC packaging More . . .

It’s An Obomination

by: Steve Canterbury

When I wrote my article “Will America swallow the blue pill or the red pill?”, I thought the shill game would continue, by the disgruntled masses electing to go with a change of medicine, by opting for the shiny new red pills.

I think instead of the continuation of the right/ left paradigm, a perhaps more dangerous phase has entered into American politics. More . . .

Energy Efficiency steps you can implement today.


There are many strategies to reduce your energy demand at home. Whether your strategy is to cut energy usage to save money or to be completely off grid, there are little steps that you can take today. Here are 10 tips to get started. More . . .

RE: Clark Ramsey’s “Gun Control vs. Morals and Values”

by: Steve Canterbury

We are glad to have Clark aboard. He is going to be writing articles about multiple ways to increase safety and preparedness for you and your family. His first article was prompted by the attention the media is giving the topic. The gun issue is one that has come to the forefront again by those that want to make decisions for you by use of government persuasion. More . . .